SeedHub provides pre-seed resources and funding for tech startups.

Bringing together a community of startups, developers, experts and investors, SeedHub provides the support and backing that founders need to take their concepts to market. The program follows the Lean methodology, and begins with up to four weeks of R&D, during which founders have full access to the community workspace and network, including specialist support, guidance and resources.

The program also affords founders access to a diverse range of sub-communities that run in parallel to SeedHub, such as the blockchain lab, developer meetups and business networks that operate from the SeedHub workspace.


Following the R&D phase, startups are in a position to seek pre-seed investment, which can come in various forms, depending on the needs of the founders. For some, this may mean securing salaries to allow the journey to continue; for others it may mean covering the cost of software development, marketing or legal. This is funded from an investment pot managed by SeedHub, which draws income from SeedHub’s business activities, events and external sponsorship.

From here, start-ups enter the incubation phase, during which the focus is on proving 'product market fit' and meeting criteria defined by the resident investor network. This may include securing a certain number of users, hitting revenue targets or other measurable activities. The progress of each startup is tracked and, when ready, the founders are invited to pitch to the broader investor network.

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SeedHub is a program for tech startups that seek to make a positive contribution to society and the world as a whole.

Each startup is unique and, although we have a proven methodology, we do not have a 'one size fits all' approach. We tailor the program to maximise each venture's chances of success.


At SeedHub, we partner with startups to develop viable, sustainable businesses.

We're software architects, business founders and hackers ourselves. In all aspects of business, from technical to financial, we have spent years supporting and guiding people to realise the things they want to achieve.


SeedHub brings together contributors who share a common vision for supporting startups that make a positive contribution to the world.

The SeedHub network includes business mentors and advisors, technical specialists, and investors - and, of course, other startup founders who will share their experiences.